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Sitting of Shiva

Sitting of Shiva-

Mostly Hindu Granth is say that Sitting of Shiva is on kailash mount(parvat). With her wife parvati with his two son Ganesh and Kartikeya.Shiva Sit on Tiger.

Shiva Have a Snack which is Around his neck and  one Trishul.Trishul Is Used it as her weapon.and one damaru as for her entertainment.and a kalash which use for store the water(Gangajal).and worship of shiva is very popular in Hindus.
Shiva Have Three Eye.Peoples Say That Third Eye of Shiva is Always Closed. when this third Eye is open Then World is Destroyed.Third Eye of Shiva is on her Head.Sot That Why Shiva is Also Called Destroyed Shiva.

Shiva Give her a Symbol which is called sibling.In Hindu Mythology we worship Sibling.

And the Mantra of lord Shiva is

Chant this mantra in a day or night after good bath. You See Some Magical Effect in one or Two month.
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