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about us

Shiva god is a resource where you can get all information About Shiva. like Shiva Mantra, Hanuman Chalisa,Shiv chalisa and maha mrityujaya mantra and many other things about Shiva. Shiva god is the committed Shiva Hindu god website in India showed up out with the motivation behind satisfying the each Shiva individual to get a Shiva mantra in India.

Giving a opportunity to the Shiva bhakts they read the lord Shiva mantra and read about lord Shiva. And this was an idea of Dal Chand to provide all information about Shiva God. With our committed exertion we attempt to offer you the best and most exact suitable elements readily available, wherever you are at whatever point you need. We keep our site well updated and maintain every day.
We provide you good contains and stories about lord Shiva so you can easily feel the about god Shiva. And chant the Shiva mantra and maha mrityujaya mantra.
There are many benefits of to read about Shiva and chant the Shiva mantra. For any question or query you can contact us to our website contact form.

                                 OM NAMAH SHIVAY
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