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Wednesday, July 20, 2016

shiv kanwar


Shiv Kanwar-Churning out naked from the sea to reduce the negative impact of the Shiva god , all the gods bringing water from the Ganga River, Kanwar Yatra was started here.
The month of Sawan has begun and with holy water from the Ganga batch of saffron-clad Shiv bhakt set out Shiva Linga.

These are known as batch, we Kanvdion the beginning of monsoon in North India are out on the streets

Kanwar Yatra last two decades and now the growing popularity of high society and the educated classes are also joining the tour Kanwar
But did you know that the history of who was take the first Kanwar?

Parasuram were the first Kanwdia-

Some scholars believe that the first Lord Parsuram brought water from Ganga from Mahadev Pura, for Jalabhishek.

the ancient Shiva Lingam to Jalabhishek garhmukteshwar water brought from the Ganga G.
Even today, in compliance with the tradition in the month of Sawan, garhmukteshwar Jalabhishek bringing water from the millions of Mahadev Pura.
The current name is garhmukteshwar Brajghat.

2-Shravan Kumar was Second Kanvdian-
Some scholars say that in the Tretayug first Shravan Kumar was the first time do Kanwar Yatra.
In order to make the pilgrimage to the parents of Shravan Kumar Una in Himachal Pradesh where his parents were with him and expressed his desire to bath in the Ganga in Haridwar.

The desire of parents to their bath in Ganga.Shravan Kumar sitting her parents in Kanwar brought and bathed them to Haridwar Ganga.
Ganga took away with them in return. It is considered the beginning of the Kanwar Yatra.
3-Ram was the beginning of the trip Kanwar-

According to some assumptions before Lord Rama were Kanwdian.

Lord Ram  take Ganga water from Sultanganj in Kanvar had Jalabhishek Babadham of Lingam.

4-Ravan was the beginning of the tradition Kanwar  yatra-

Drink the poison out of the churning ocean of Lord Shiva and throat became blue jay.But the negative effects of the toxin from the Shiva surrounded by negative effects of the poison to freeing their exclusive devotee Ravan meditated.

Thereafter Ravan filling Ganga water in  Kanwar. Gangajal anointed to the Shiva Temple of Mahadev.

Shiva god became free from the negative effects of the poison and the tradition of Kanwar Yatra started from here
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