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Tuesday, March 15, 2016




Shiva Says the Lord of gods Mahadev them, Bholenath, Shankar, Mahesh, Rudra, is also known by the name of Jay. Bhairav Tanta them in practice, also known by the name. One of the major deities of Hinduism. His name is in the Vedas Rudra. The individual consciousness that knoweth. Their Ardhadagini (power) is the name of Parvati. If his son Ganesh and Kartikeya, and Putriasok are gorgeous. Yogi Shiva as most cases are seen in pictures and sculpture Pujashivling and is both. Ensconced snake god Shiva's neck and hands are the drum and trident. Kailash is their habitat. This is the basis of Shaivism  Do this as a venerable all the power with Shiva.

Lord Shiva is called the god of destruction. Lord Shiva is known for both gentle shape and Rudrarup. Shiva is considered distinct from other gods. Creation, positioning and carnage over Shiva. Lord Shiva, god of destruction was considered holy trinity. Shiva Mahakala time immemorial, and the creation process Adi shot and are the basis of astrology. Although the meaning of Shiva is considered beneficial, but they are always made of both his rhythm and the Holocaust.

Shiva format Sun-

Shiva by their nature tends to feed all creation. By the way, it is by the power of God, his vigor and heat kept collecting all the planets. This format is considered to be very beneficial because of the divine foundation of all creation is based on the same format Truth. 

I Sun (Shiva) your father and Mercury, Venus, Earth and Tue are my reverie and your mothers. Sun and Earth in any living soul have ever any difference? Love is my religion and affection that you'd expect.

Shiva gets to see the harmony of conflicting emotions. Chandra is a hand on the forehead of Shiva, on the other hand, Mhowisdhar snake is their necklace. Notwithstanding Ardhanarishvara they are kamajit. Not with standing Shmshanwasi householder, are Vitrage. Benign, notwithstanding fierce Ashutosh Rudra. Shiva family is no exception. His family ghosts, Nandi, Singh, snake, peacock, and mouse get to see all the equanimity. They consider themselves a reflection of the great dualities is devoid of coexistence. Mahakala is Shiva Ratri maha Parva of such worship.

 Shiva Worship-

Prahar around Shivaratri night in worship should. Shiva Bilvptr, hare's floral offerings are very desirable in the Bang. To worship and including milk, curd, ghee, sugar, honey, nectar, which Pnchamrit these five are called! Use them in worship. Pnchamrit and including perfume bath may then boarded Phalen Janeu Eventually transfused cannabis offerings! Shiva's trident and drum sound Tue, Thu are affiliated with. Anantakash sits on his forehead from the moon in its revolution takes delight Jtadhari Mahamrityunjaya Budhadi planet then becomes instrumental in harmony. Mahamrityunjaya mantra of Shiva worship is Mantra.

Shiva Names-

In Hinduism, Lord Shiva is called by several names
Rudra - Rudra means the creation and destruction of sorrow.

Pashupatinath - Lord Shiva Pashupati, so called because the owner of the animals birds and Jivatmaon.

Ardhanarishvara - from the union of Shiva and Shakti Ardhanarishvara name prevailed.

Shiva - Mahadev means great divine power.

Bhola - naïve means gentle heart, compassionate and easy to forgive. It is believed that Lord Shiva are easily pleased anyone.

Lingam - a symbol of the entire universe.

Nataraja - Lord Shiva Nataraja is considered the god of dance macabre dance lovers. Shanti Nagar Durga temple Shivskti Pt. Sohnanand Ji said Shivaratri night Rudrabhishek is four times every three hours. This and all of the native Kalsarpa Grihdosh removes impurities.


Shivaratri chaturdasi side of every month is called Krishna, but Krishna falgun chaturdasi Shivaratri is said. This day is considered that both Shivopasna Bakti and liberation, because at midnight the same day, Lord Shiva appeared in Lingum.

Magkrishn Maharishi Chturdshyamadidevi Shivlingtyodrut: Kotisurysmprb.
Shiva lingam at midnight as had appeared, so the midnight Shivaratri fast chaturdasi dwelling should take. Some scholars have assumed Pradosh Wyapini Tryodshi Viddha chaturdasi Shivaratri fast. Narada Samhita Krishna Chaturdashi falgun came at midnight to be the date that the sacrifice is worth Ashwamedha the Shivaratri day. Chaturdasi at dusk and midnight the day, she said, is very Kundalini. This time, will be present in both the March 6 Shivaratri dusk and midnight.

Ishaan Jyotirlinga this day according to the law had emerged, which led to the formation of human Saktiswrup Parvati. Krishna Chaturdashi falgun only reason to celebrate Maha Shivaratri day emaciated the moon through the Earth come supernatural powers lyrical, while increasing the Jivnishkti. Although chaturdasi moon is waning, but Shivswrup Mahamrityunjaya Diwypunj Mahakala would destroy demonic powers. The antidote to fear of or forbidding the worship of Shiva Gryphon on Mahamrityunjaya is stated. Twelve amounts, worship or the mere sight of twelve Jyotirlingas Flamini is positive.

This period is the period of the publication of the splendor of spring. With climate change, the mind is filled with enthusiasm and passions. That period is the development of Cupid and adoration from the Bhagavad Kamjnit emotions in check is possible. Lord Shiva himself Nihnta work, so this is the very best for their worship.


Maha Shivaratri, a major Hindu festival. This major festival of ShivRatri is a festival celebrated to Tryodshi falgun Krishna. It is believed that in the beginning of creation, the day of Lord Shiva, Brahma and Rudra as midnight was landing. Time of Lord Shiva on this day in Judgment at dakhsh while the macabre universe terminates blaze third eye. So it was Shivaratri or kitsch.

Shiva Purana-

Shiva wrote extensively about. It is written in detail and the incarnation of Shiva.
According to some legends, Sarovar Kailash is considered the sitting of Shiva.

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