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Monday, March 14, 2016

Shiva Five Features


Shiva hears about many things, including some strange and some seem hostile to each other. Let us know their five features:

Shiva took the walk-

Just do not worship the god Shiva. Monsters, ghosts, vampires, and creatures of every kind have their worshipers. All of whom rejected & dash Ghosts, vampires, monsters, Monster & dash Shiva has adopted all of them.

When they were married, it is said that every person who was not a body or a body, everyone attended their wedding. All the gods and celestial beings, the demon, monster, microbiology, demon and ghost-demon, all came to their wedding. Generally, these people are not built for themselves. But not everyone was present at the wedding of Shiva. The Pashupati the owner of the animals, all the animals were.

Snakes cannot leave it to chance, so they came to the marriage of Shiva. Birds and insects also do not want to lose this opportunity, so they also appeared as a guest. The marriage took place in every organism.

This means that when we speak of Shiva, we have decent, gentle man, but do not talk of such a primitive person who is drab with life, is a form of life. He has full consciousness and completely unassuming, something does not happen again, intuitive, innovative and is constantly creative. You are in your life.

Not with the ultimate guy in her feminine qualities.
Shiva is the ultimate symbol of masculinity in general, but their Ardhanareeswara half as they have a full-grown woman. I am giving you this story. Shiva was in a state of ecstasy. Parvati because they were invited to. Parvati did much to lure them and made every kind.

Then they got married. After Shiva marriage naturally wanted to share my experience with them, Parvati spoke, you are in a state in which, I want to experience it. What should I do for it? You tell me. I am ready to do any kind of tenacity Shiva smiled and said,  You do not need to have any drastic austerity. You just come and sit on my lap. Parvati came without resistance sat in the lap of her on the left.

Since she was very interested and he gave himself over to Shiva, the Shiva pulled him inside and he became their half.

You have to understand that Parvati to place inside your body, leaving half of their needed. So he abandoned his half Parvati took upon ourselves. This is the story of Ardhanarishvara. It basically means that your inner masculine and feminine qualities are equal. When the Goddess Parvati added inside he was happy.

The idea is that you understand your inner masculine and feminine qualities, the male and female qualities of the meet, you live in a state of permanent bliss. If you try to do it on the outside, it is not permanent and do not chase the accompanying troubles in life disappears.

Shiva became frantic dance-

Natesh or Nataraja dancing god Shiva is one of the most important forms. When I was at CERN in Switzerland  Sabotage where molecules are all Then I saw in front of the entrance is a statue of Nataraja. Because he realized that there is nothing except the human culture, which is similar to their current work, to be close to him. This creation is a symbol of joy and dance, the eternal stability and free Sbdta themselves have generated.

Shiva was always happy to live-

Shiva with a drunk and a monk, has been seen as both. He is a yogi & If you sit in meditation, it is not moving. Additionally, he has always drunk. This does not mean that every day he went to a bar. The science of yoga it is likely that you remain calm at all times, even in the peak of pleasure can stay. Yogi is not against pleasure. Yes, they want to be satisfied with little joy or pleasure. They are greedy. They know that if you drink a glass of wine with him the next morning you will have a little headache will turn into joy. Only then can you enjoy drunk, you drunk, yet one hundred percent stable and careful. Nature has given you this chance.

Shiva with a drunk and a monk has been seen as both. He is a yogi &  If you sit in meditation, it is not moving. Additionally, he has always drunk. This does not mean that every day he went to a bar.

The Israelis several years of research on the human brain, the scientists found that the brain receives millions Grahikaan drunk and feel that are called cannabis receptors. Then Nurolojiston found that the body itself to satisfy these Grahikaon can develop an addictive chemical. This chemical scientist he wanted to give an exact name, he read books from around the world. It surprised him to learn that just makes a reference to the Indian texts. So he Chemicals Anandamaid & Named.

So you need to do is to create a little bit because the drug  Anandamaid whole crop. If you grow it and feed off it properly, you can stay drunk all the time.

Shiva: The Ultimate Destroyer-

When you Shiva Say, it has nothing to do with religion. Today's world is divided on the basis of religion. Because whatever you say, it is associated with religion. But it is not religion, is the science of inner development. Going beyond mean to cure the whether you are. If you are willing to try, or you visit your parents who were also born with limitations or the limitations adopted, all of them, you can go beyond.

Breaking the laws of physical nature is a spiritual process. In this sense we are all the people who break the rules, break the rules and Shiva for the best, they are the ultimate destroyer. You cannot worship Shiva, the physical laws by breaking the infinite nature can know who Shiva.

It is not at Shivaratri night awakening is just for you, but let it be the night of intense vibrancy and awareness. I wish and bless that you take advantage of this wonderful gift which nature provides us this day. I hope that all of you get on the bandwagon and Shiva Get to know and enjoy the beauty of words.    
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