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Wednesday, February 24, 2016

worship of Lord Shiva lingam its own significance


 worship of Lord Shiva lingam worship has its own significance            

Typically, as is worship of Lord Shiva lingam worship has its own significance. Sriling Mahapurana various idols of Lord Shiva is said about worship.
1-Kartikeya worshiping with idol Lord Shiva and Parvati all human desires is fulfilled. Man receives all objects of comfort, happiness.
2. The idol of Lord Shiva in the legs, four arms and three eyes  and holding a trident  With the north and south side of Lord Brahma, Lord Vishnu sculpture. A statue to worship remains free from diseases and good health of all humans get.
3. Three feet of Lord Shiva, the god Shiva statue and Agniswrup seven hands and two heads are in the idol worship that leads to food from humans.
4. Goddess Parvati and Lord Shiva idol worship is sitting on the vine, it is a desire to get his children.
5. Worship of Ardhanareeswara idol of Lord Shiva leads to marital bliss.
6. The man sitting in a situation of preaching to idol of Lord Shiva is worshiped, it leads to knowledge and wisdom.
7. Goddess Parvati with Nandi and surrounded by all the qualities of Lord Shiva idol worship that leads to respect the man.
8. Goddess Parvati dancing including thousands of armed men to worship the idol of Lord Shiva takes all the pleasures of life.
9. With four arms and three eyes, sore snake and skull holding hands, to worship Lord Shiva idol white leads to wealth.
10. Black, red three eyed , holding up the moon-like neck ornaments, mace in hand and man's skull with a deity to worship all the troubles are over. Will complete the pending work.
11. Sitting in meditation position, put ashes on the body of man to worship the idol of Lord Shiva is the destroyer of all defects.
12. While the destruction of the monster Jalandhar, Sudarshan Chakra held to worship the idol of Lord Shiva by the fear of the enemies end.
13. Ganga in Jata and moon on the head the holding left hand in the lap and took Mother Parvati and Ganesha son is an idol of Lord Shiva in the house of worship and home comfort in the end family feud -shanti the environment is made.
14. Carrying bows and arrows in hand, sitting on the chariot of Lord Shiva worshiping man gets freedom from sins committed knowingly or unknowingly.
15. The idol of Lord Shiva Nikumbh monster sitting on the back, right leg lay on his back and Parvati, who is left. There is a statue to worship conquer enemies.

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