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Thursday, February 25, 2016

Name of Lord Shiva


                       Name of Lord Shiva

Shiva has always been seen as a very powerful creature. Additionally, it is understood that the world is not very clever. Therefore, a form of Shiva is said


Bholenath because he is like a child and Bholenath Means innocent  or  ignorant. You will find that most intelligent people become very easily fooled because they are small things, your mind can not. Very few people are smart and cunning intelligence of a wise man in the world can defeat easily. Or socially, in terms of the wealth that can be significant, but in relation to this kind of life is not important to win.
We mean by being smart is not wise. It means accepting that dimension, which gives life to the full extent of occurrence, is growing. Shiva are the same. Not that he's a fool, but he do not use wisdom in every small thing.


Natesh or Nataraja dancing god Shiva is one of the most important forms. When I nuclear laboratory located in Switzerland (CERN). The earth's largest physics laboratory, where all of the molecules are in sabotaging  Then I saw in front of the entrance is a statue of Nataraja. Because he realized that there is nothing except the human culture, which is similar to their current work, to be close to him.
Nataraja as the vibration of creation frolic and dance shows, the eternal stability have generated themselves. Chidambaram Nataraja idol installed in the temple is very symbolic. Because you Chidambaram say he has full stability. The temple is revered as the same ways that have arisen with absolute consistency. The man inside the classical arts brings full stability. Stability cannot come without the true art.


Typically, Shiva is considered the ultimate or complete guy. But as Ardhanarishvara, he is half of a full-grown woman. It is said that if your inner masculine and feminine qualities of the men and women of the property to get, then you live in a state of ecstasy permanent. If you try to make it on the outside, it is not sustainable and the accompanying troubles never end. Masculine and feminine means the masculine and feminine is not. These particular properties  or characteristics. Primarily it is not seeking the union of two people. It is the desire of the union of the two aspects of life, which one would like to be on the outer and inner. Once you have achieved it internally, then you will be on the outside, it's a hundred per cent. Otherwise, on the outside, it will become a terrible compulsion.
It refers to the fact that as you evolve into the extreme, you will be half man and half woman. This does not mean that you will be impotent, but a full-grown man and has a full-grown woman. Then you go on to become a full-grown man.

Kal Bhairav-

Kal Bhairav is an antidote to the deadly Shiva. When he took to the time of the destruction  of the currency. FACTS are present within all physical. I shall destroy your time, and then everything will be destroyed.
Shiva Bhairavi- torture became Kalabhairava by generating the appropriate robes and torture. Means abject suffering. When the moment of death comes, many are exposed to in a lifetime full intensity, the pain and suffering which is to be with you, it will happen in a microsecond. After that, in the past, nothing will be left in you. His Software is irritating to destroy. But this happens at death, so you have no choice. But it is possible that, little extra. Suffering would be over quickly. It's only when we'll make it very intense. If that light will always remain the same.


Yogi tradition Shiva is worshiped as God. He Adiyogi means Yogi and Adiguru first, is such that, the first Guru, telephone yogic science was born. Guru Purnima is the first full moon Solstice, when the science Adiyogi their first seven pupils, entrust Saptrishi began.
This was before any religion. Find ways of dismantling divisive human humanity, before the important and most powerful tools for enhancing human consciousness recognized and promoted. His inscrutability is amazing. And the people were so enlightened or not, this question makes no sense, because it was born not of a particular civilization or thought process. It stemmed from an internal knowledge. He just poured me. You still cannot change a thing because whatever can be called up, he said he is very beautiful and intelligent forms. Just try to understand what you can spend your whole life.


Shiva has always said his Tryambak is a third eye. Third eye does not mean that a crack in the forehead. This means simply that he perceives and experiences likely to have reached its peak. The third eye is the eye of insight. Your senses are only two physical eyes. They all sorts of frivolous things that enter your mind because you see, it is not true. You are judging a person seeing anything of it, but you do not see in him Shiva. So one needs to open the eye, which  can see deeper.
However thinking or philosophy will ever get your mind clear. No one can screw up your logical clarity. Difficult situations can disrupt it completely. When your inner vision opens, when you have an inner vision, then you get the full clarity.
We say Shiva and he and nothing, just the realization of the extreme sense. Isha Yoga Center Shivaratri is celebrated in the same context. For everyone a chance to increase the awareness level and at least a possibility. That means Shiva and yoga. This is not religion it is the science of inner development.

The night of Shivaratri your awareness is not at night, but it may create intense vibrancy and awareness night. I wish and bless that you take advantage of this wonderful gift which nature provides us this day. I hope that all of you are riding on this wave and & Shiva. Get out and enjoy the beauty of life.

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