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Thursday, February 25, 2016

How To Worship Lingam


How To Worship Lingam-

If you worship the Lingam particularly mindful of these things, his anger is naïve because if Mahadev is not hidden from anyone because he Tridevo destroyer. Shiva is also worshiped  he should be in the right rules for you some errors may otherwise prove beneficial is destructive

      We're going to reel the error did not say who told you to sit while worshiping Shiva.

   Shivling not keep any such place where you are not worshiping in Hindu religion ever lingam at home if you do not keep the whole law and  not worshiped her, because if you do it in those so let's be careful because you are insulted Shiva and is inviting some catastrophic things.

    All of you must have heard a story once, when speaking of God Vishnu and Brahma scramble and who can be the best of all these wars started to debate the revered Shiva appeared in the form and whatever its  best be called before he ends  Vishnu and Brahma were downwards but upwards accepted Vishnu and Brahma so that he could not end it created a different story, he said to give false testimony to the garlands of ketaki when asked about it, should have been able to end Brahma Shiva Brahma exactly what l have done before and he returned to ketaki evidence flowers while we reached the end Mahadev. Mahadev said he was angry at the lies of

      Brahma as well as a head cut flowers of ketaki also banned to be used in worship

             According to the story, which is a boon shivpuran Jalandhar was by then no one can beat him until his wife Brenda and hence will remain faithful Lord Vishnu and Mahadev. Jalandhar destruction of his virtuous resolve dissolved but later Vrinda Tulsi he had converted to use the leaves used in the worship of Shiva lingam Tulsi never stayed so do not pay.

      Turmeric is used to refine the beauty of a woman. Shiva Lingam is a symbol of Shiva and so don’t use Turmeric on Shiva Lingam.
     According to Hindu beliefs, vermilion or kumkum to use long life of a woman and her husband. Mahadev ie Sngar Tridevo subversive role of vermilion on the lingam is not considered auspicious to offer.

      The location of the changing times and his feet touch the lingam in a pot of clean water mix have occurred in that Ganga. Shiva Lingam stone is kept  and anointed by his Ganga.

              Then anoint the lingam with milk when they offered to take care of the packaged milk, the milk must be cooled and cleaned.

1      While taking care to keep the house the statue of Shiva and Shiva Snake Wrapped gold, silver, or copper.

1      Try to keep at home so that the lingam stream is intact, otherwise it attracts negative energy.

1       Gauri and Ganesha statue near the Shivling alone shall not be sure Shivling.

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