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Thursday, January 21, 2016

Shiva Stories


Shiva Story-
Shiva Doing Some Magnificent Work For Earth And All The Gods of Hindus.
One Time At Sagar Manthan When All Good Things Come From Manthan is Taken All Hindus Gods but when poison Come From Manthan Then No Body Else To take It and drink it but lord Shiva is doing this and safe the earth and humanity  by doing this.many Shiva Stories are Here About Lord Shiva.

This Image Show You Some Image of Sagar Manthan.

Here in this image we Show you Shiva is Drink Poison To Save the Earth And Humanity.
This is all Taken by Hindu Mythology. 
                                                                                                                                                                    Second Story Of Shiva-
In this Story Shiva doing some phenomenal work.Shiva Provides Ganga River to Earth From her Matted Here and Shiva Save The World From Great draught  by giving them water resource by Ganga river.when king Bhagirath doing Pray to Shiva  for Ganga.Then Shiva is happy by His Pray then Ganga River come on Earth.and this river is best river in the world because the water of river ganga is very pure and clear and test of water is very refine.
Today Ganga River is most popular river in the world.and many people are going to bath in Ganga at one time in whole life because by Hindu Mythology say that those person doing some wrong work then they are going to ganga river for wash there wrong works.

These are Some Photo Of River Ganga Will Show You. For More Visit

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