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Monday, August 1, 2016

bajrang baan in hindi

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Bajrang Baan (हनुमान बजरंग बाण)-

Hanuman starts freezing powers in our minds. 
He rejoices in the ideas of power in the body are rising powers. 
Good ideas in the mind of modern man seem to be an increase in the powers of good. 

Enjoy the true nature of consciousness is in bloom. 

Minor sufferings and crises are developed powers of detention and there is courage and Fearless.

Hanuman Bajrang Baan men who devoutly take accent beam power Mahavir 

Hanuman assumes permanently in your mind all the trouble go away in the short term. 

The seeker must take his place in front of a picture of Hanuman confidence and homage 

to his mental focus. Such a notion in mind that 

Hanuman's divine powers are slowly entering inside me.

As the difference in the atmosphere around me and are excited to atomic resolution. An empowering environment to reside in my mind to help increase strength. 

When it began to land a permanent temple idol mind, 

began to open from the inside of the power source when the arrow of Bajrang accomplishment should understand. 

Sraddhayukt practice is helpful in the accomplishment of perfection. 

Hanuman is worshiped on the powers of concentration required. 

Bajrang Baan Attention- 

Rama Atulit Bldhamn Shailabdehn hem. Dnuj Forest Krishanun, Gyaninamgrgnyamr.

Gross Nidhanan Wanranamdhishan properties. Raghupati Priybktn Nanami Witan .

Note that this practice or solitary retreat somewhere in the temple of Hanuman in use.

In rituals or worship of Lord Hanuman, etc. Of particular importance is Deepdan.

5 grains (wheat, rice, green gram and black sesame) from ritual to purify

the Ganges water in a pre-soak in a handful evidence.

Dia grind these grains make their day ritual.

In the light of the lamp Klave its length equal to the cut raw cotton strings
or a red color in it. 5 times turn this thread.

This type of thread, use it in light aromatic sesame oil. 

It should remain lighted during the entire worship. While worshiping Hanuman fragrant frankincense fumigate fumigation-advised.

Note that this resolution must first chant that when your work will continue to do
anything regularly for the sake of Hanuman.

By focusing on the image of Lord Hanuman and pronunciation of the Bajrang Baan

Start chanting. From Ram Hanuman to prove it in a meeting, have a rosary chanting.

                                              Bajrang Baan in Hindi-

दोहा :
 निश्चय प्रेम प्रतीति ते, बिनय करैं सनमान।
तेहि के कारज सकल शुभ, सिद्ध करैं हनुमान॥

चौपाई :
 जय हनुमंत संत हितकारी।
 सुन लीजै प्रभु अरज हमारी॥

जन के काज बिलंब कीजै।
आतुर दौरि महा सुख दीजै॥

जैसे कूदि सिंधु महिपारा।
सुरसा बदन पैठि बिस्तारा॥

आगे जाय लंकिनी रोका।
मारेहु लात गई सुरलोका॥

जाय बिभीषन को सुख दीन्हा।
सीता निरखि परमपद लीन्हा॥

बाग उजारि सिंधु महँ बोरा।

अति आतुर जमकातर तोरा॥

अक्षय कुमार मारि संहारा।
लूम लपेटि लंक को जारा॥

लाह समान लंक जरि गई।
जय जय धुनि सुरपुर नभ भई॥

अब बिलंब केहि कारन स्वामी।
कृपा करहु उर अंतरयामी॥

जय जय लखन प्रान के दाता।
आतुर ह्वै दुख करहु निपाता॥

जै हनुमान जयति बल-सागर।
सुर-समूह-समरथ भट-नागर॥

हनु हनु हनु हनुमंत हठीले।
बैरिहि मारु बज्र की कीले॥

ह्नीं ह्नीं ह्नीं हनुमंत कपीसा।

हुं हुं हुं हनु अरि उर सीसा॥

जय अंजनि कुमार बलवंता।
शंकरसुवन बीर हनुमंता॥

बदन कराल काल-कुल-घालक।
राम सहाय सदा प्रतिपालक॥

भूत, प्रेत, पिसाच निसाचर।
अगिन बेताल काल मारी मर॥

इन्हें मारु, तोहि सपथ राम की।
राखु नाथ मरजाद नाम की॥

सत्य होहु हरि सपथ पाइ कै।
राम दूत धरु मारु धाइ कै॥

जय जय जय हनुमंत अगाधा।
पावत जन केहि अपराधा॥

पूजा जप तप नेम अचारा।
नहिं जानत कछु दास तुम्हारा॥

बन उपबन मग गिरि गृह माहीं।
तुम्हरे बल हौं डरपत नाहीं॥

जनकसुता हरि दास कहावौ।
ताकी सपथ बिलंब लावौ॥

जै जै जै धुनि होत अकासा।
सुमिरत होय दुसह दुख नासा॥

चरन पकरि, कर जोरि मनावौं।
यहि औसर अब केहि गोहरावौं॥

उठु, उठु, चलु, तोहि राम दुहाई।
पायँ परौं, कर जोरि मनाई॥

चं चं चं चं चपल चलंता।
हनु हनु हनु हनु हनुमंता॥

हं हं हाँक देत कपि चंचल।
सं सं सहमि पराने खल-दल॥

अपने जन को तुरत उबारौ।
सुमिरत होय आनंद हमारौ॥

यह बजरंग-बाण जेहि मारै।
ताहि कहौ फिरि कवन उबारै॥

पाठ करै बजरंग-बाण की।
हनुमत रक्षा करै प्रान की॥

यह बजरंग बाण जो जापैं।
तासों भूत-प्रेत सब कापैं॥

धूप देय जो जपै हमेसा।
ताके तन नहिं रहै कलेसा॥

This is the hanuman Bajrang Baan in Hindi.

For hanuman Chalisa click here

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Friday, July 22, 2016

shiv chalisa in hindi

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Shiv Chalisa  (शिव चालीसा)-  Shiv Chalisa literally Forty chaupais on Shiva. Shiv Chalisa is a devotional song dedicated to Hindu Community, Shiva Adapted from the Shiva Purana. it consists of 40 Fourteen (challis) chaupais. And recited daily or on special festivals like Maha Shivaratri by Shivling pooja, and worshipers of Lord Shiva.

Shiva God is a major Hindu deity and the Destroyer or transformer of the Trimurti. Shiva is usually worshiped in the abstract form of Shiva lingam. In images, he is generally in deep meditation or dancing the Tandava. 

Mahesh or Shiva, the 3rd God of the Hindu Trimurti, is the Destroyer. He represents the Tandav and Destroyer deity. His attributes represent victory over the unnatural activity, and calmness of human nature.

Shiv Chalisa in Hindi may be a prayer for god Shiva - one in every of the Gods of Hindu community, the opposite being Brahma and  Hindu deity. Shiva Chalisa praises the Lord and asks for his facilitate in removing hardships and obstacles in devotee′s life. 

It’s aforesaid that devotees seeking blessings of Lord Shiva should recite Shiva Chalisa with devotion and sincerity. it's advised that devotees ought to focus their mind on Lord  shiv or his image then recite shiva Chalisa.

Shiv Chalisa a nonsecular song tailored from the Shiv Puran that consists of 40 verses (Forty Chaupais) dedicated to Lord Shiva. 

Shiva Chalisa in hindi glorifies Lord Shiva. Once Shiva Chalisais musical religiously with almost devotion, the obstacles, and hardship in one’s life can bite by bit vanish. The Shiva Chalisa can even is musical for cover.

Pregnant girls will profit greatly by intonation the Shiva Chalisa for the protection of their craniates yet as for safe delivery. Youngsters plagued by Balarishta Dosha and health problem may also be created to either recite or hear Shiva Chalisa. 

For youths that area unit too young to recite the Chalisa on their own, the fogeys will recite on their child’s behalf by saying the child’s full name, race (moon sign), and nakshatra (birth star) before the Shiva Chalisa.

Individuals plagued by misfortune thanks to planetary afflictions and thanks to spells, curses, evil eyes, sorcery, past karma, nightmares, and disturbances from evil spirits, etc 

certain people can profit greatly if Shiva Chalisais musical daily. Marital status issues and relationship issues too can slowly vanish once there are the blessings of Lord Shiva. 

People plagued by alcohol addictions, drug addictions, gambling addictions, and coffin nail addictions can get the bravery to commence these unhealthy habits once Shiva Chalisa is musical frequently.

Best Days To Chant Shiva Chalisa (If you're unable to chant daily) : 

Mondays, Dwadasi thithi days, Pradosha days, Trayodashi thithi days, and on monthly Shivarathri days

Best Day For Initiating Shiva Chalisa : Dwadasi tithi days, Pradosha days, Trayodashi thithi days, and on monthly Shivarathri days

Best Time to Chant: Early Morning and evening four p.m. Five p.m.
Number of Times to Chant: one time, three times to unravel easy issues, nine times to unravel severe issues, and 108 times before new ventures or enterprise vital tasks.

Who will Chant This Mantra: Anyone not withstanding their gender and age

The way to Worship: you'll be able to either use the picture or yantra of God Shiva.

To realize Mantra Siddhi : one hundred eight times on  Shivarathri or Arudra Darisanam or 108 times each day for forty five days (1 mandala).

Naivedya (Food Offerings): Tamarind rice or sweet pongal.

Flower Offerings on Shiv Chalisa: Bael patra leaves (bilva leaves) together with scented flowers

Chant This Mantra Facing: East

Japa jugal bone: Rudraksha japa jugal bone or string of beads beads manufactured from clear quartz crystals.

Shiv Chalisa is Given Below-


जय गणेश गिरिजा सुवन, मंगल मूल सुजान। कहत अयोध्यादास तुम, देहु अभय वरदान॥

Shiv Chalisa in Hindi-

जय गिरिजा पति दीन दयाला। सदा करत सन्तन प्रतिपाला॥

भाल चन्द्रमा सोहत नीके। कानन कुण्डल नागफनी के॥

अंग गौर शिर गंग बहाये। मुण्डमाल तन क्षार लगाए॥
वस्त्र खाल बाघम्बर सोहे। छवि को देखि नाग मन मोहे॥

मैना मातु की हवे दुलारी। बाम अंग सोहत छवि न्यारी॥
कर त्रिशूल सोहत छवि भारी। करत सदा शत्रुन क्षयकारी॥

नन्दि गणेश सोहै तहँ कैसे। सागर मध्य कमल हैं जैसे॥
कार्तिक श्याम और गणराऊ। या छवि को कहि जात काऊ॥

देवन जबहीं जाय पुकारा। तब ही दुख प्रभु आप निवारा॥
किया उपद्रव तारक भारी। देवन सब मिलि तुमहिं जुहारी॥

तुरत षडानन आप पठायउ। लवनिमेष महँ मारि गिरायउ॥
आप जलंधर असुर संहारा। सुयश तुम्हार विदित संसारा॥

त्रिपुरासुर सन युद्ध मचाई। सबहिं कृपा कर लीन बचाई॥
किया तपहिं भागीरथ भारी। पुरब प्रतिज्ञा तासु पुरारी॥

दानिन महँ तुम सम कोउ नाहीं। सेवक स्तुति करत सदाहीं॥
वेद माहि महिमा तुम गाई। अकथ अनादि भेद नहिं पाई॥

प्रकटी उदधि मंथन में ज्वाला। जरत सुरासुर भए विहाला॥
कीन्ही दया तहं करी सहाई। नीलकण्ठ तब नाम कहाई॥

पूजन रामचन्द्र जब कीन्हा। जीत के लंक विभीषण दीन्हा॥
सहस कमल में हो रहे धारी। कीन्ह परीक्षा तबहिं पुरारी॥

एक कमल प्रभु राखेउ जोई। कमल नयन पूजन चहं सोई॥
कठिन भक्ति देखी प्रभु शंकर। भए प्रसन्न दिए इच्छित वर॥

जय जय जय अनन्त अविनाशी। करत कृपा सब के घटवासी॥
दुष्ट सकल नित मोहि सतावै। भ्रमत रहौं मोहि चैन आवै॥

त्राहि त्राहि मैं नाथ पुकारो। येहि अवसर मोहि आन उबारो॥
लै त्रिशूल शत्रुन को मारो। संकट ते मोहि आन उबारो॥

मात-पिता भ्राता सब होई। संकट में पूछत नहिं कोई॥
स्वामी एक है आस तुम्हारी। आय हरहु मम संकट भारी॥

धन निर्धन को देत सदा हीं। जो कोई जांचे सो फल पाहीं॥
अस्तुति केहि विधि करैं तुम्हारी। क्षमहु नाथ अब चूक हमारी॥

शंकर हो संकट के नाशन। मंगल कारण विघ्न विनाशन॥
योगी यति मुनि ध्यान लगावैं। शारद नारद शीश नवावैं॥

नमो नमो जय नमः शिवाय। सुर ब्रह्मादिक पार पाय॥
जो यह पाठ करे मन लाई। ता पर होत है शम्भु सहाई॥

ॠनियां जो कोई हो अधिकारी। पाठ करे सो पावन हारी॥
पुत्र होन कर इच्छा जोई। निश्चय शिव प्रसाद तेहि होई॥

पण्डित त्रयोदशी को लावे। ध्यान पूर्वक होम करावे॥
त्रयोदशी व्रत करै हमेशा। ताके तन नहीं रहै कलेशा॥

धूप दीप नैवेद्य चढ़ावे। शंकर सम्मुख पाठ सुनावे॥
जन्म जन्म के पाप नसावे। अन्त धाम शिवपुर में पावे॥

कहैं अयोध्यादास आस तुम्हारी। जानि सकल दुःख हरहु हमारी॥


नित्त नेम कर प्रातः ही, पाठ करौं चालीसा। तुम मेरी मनोकामना, पूर्ण करो जगदीश॥
मगसर छठि हेमन्त ॠतु, संवत चौसठ जान। अस्तुति चालीसा शिवहि, पूर्ण कीन कल्याण॥

1.   Unmarried Girls do God Shiva quick which is known as 16 Somwar for the thought to be symbol spouse like Lord Shiva. 
2.   Hitched Women keep quick to well being and long Life of their Husband and children’s.
3.   To accomplish an attractive life make all offering to Lord Shiva.
4.   To wind up educated and keen light a light at night before Lord Shiva.
5.   To get another vehicle please Lord Shiva by washing him with Curd.
6.   To accomplish Salvation commits ought to clean up in the Holly River like Ganga.
7.   To be honored with Health riches and Prosperity offer Honey, Ghee and Sugarcane to Lord Shiva.
8.   On the off chance that the individual makes offerings as nectar, ghee and sugarcane he would be honored with riches and flourishing 
9.   At whatever point you plan Panchamirt, never keep Milk, curd in the Bronze metal. 

10.               You ought to keep your fingers in water, milk ghee and so forth because touching of nails makes it inauspicious. 
11.               The bloom of Champa ought not to be utilized as a part of Shiva puja. 
12.               The Bel Patra utilized as a part of Shiva Puja ought to be of three uncut Leaves. 
13.               In Shiva Puja constantly offer Coconut without breaking it. 
14.               Tulsi Leaves are not offered to Lord Shiva or Parvati. 
15.               Kumkum and Haldi are not offered to god Shiva. 
16.               After Shiva Puja oblations ought to be tossed in the running water, Lake, ocean and if impractical keep in the vase of your Home or trees with the exception of Tulsi or peepal. 

17.               At the season of presenting Shiva Mantra dependably sit on Woolen garments and offer Akshat and blossoms to Shivalinga. 
18.               Never utilize Steel utensils for Abhishek.
19.               Never put the Shiva Abhishek Water in the Tulsi.
Advantages of Shiva Puja
·        Unmarried Women love ruler Shiva to get hitched soon and may get an icon spouse like Lord Shiva.
·        Hitched ladies petition God for the long life and the great wellbeing of their Husband and kid.
·        It is additionally trusted that Monday is the day of Lord Shiva so while doing Shiva Pooja on Monday will favor you with great Husband and spouse.
·        Shiva Pooja expels impediments from life.
·        Boosts your Knowledge and Health.
·        You will be honored with thriving, peace, Harmony and Marriage.
·        At the point when would it be advisable for us to do Shiva Puja?
·      Adoring Lord Shiva in the Sawan Month has much essentialness. As, Monday is the day devoted to Lord Shiva so the Monday inside the Saawan Month is most critical to do Shiva Puja. To finish the Shiva Pooja keep quick on every Monday. Perused Laghurudra, Maharudra and Atirudra Path on each Monday.
·         The day to please Lord Shiva is the month to month Shivratri, Ekadashi, Poornima, Amavasya, Month of Shravan, Teej and Mahashivratri Festival.
 Rules Principles of Shiva Puja-
1.   At whatever point you get ready Panchamirt, never keep Milk, curd in the Bronze metal. 
2.   You ought to keep your fingers in water, milk ghee and so forth because touching of nails makes it inauspicious. 
3.   The bloom of Champak ought not to be utilized as a part of Shiva puja.
4.   The Bel Patra utilized as a part of Shiva Puja ought to be of three uncut Leaves. 
5.   In Shiva Puja constantly offer Coconut without breaking it.
6.   Tulsi Leaves are not offered to god Shiva and mata Parvati.
7.   Kumkum and Haldi are not offered to Great God Shiva.
8.   After Shiva Puja oblations ought to be tossed in the running water, Lake, ocean and if unrealistic keep in the window box of your Home or trees with the exception of Tulsi or peepal. 
 9.   At the season of recounting Shiva Mantra dependably sit on Woolen garments and offer Akshat and blossoms to Shivalinga.
10.               Never utilize Steel utensils for Abhishiek.

11.               Never put the Shiva Abhishiek Water in the Tulsi.
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